A Freckle Faced Hiatus

It’s been a few weeks since I have posted much of anything to the blog. 

My hip isn’t any better.  I haven’t been able to run at all.  I have even limited my walking of Senior George, the smelly, dog. 

With that said, it appears that it may be a very long road to recovery for me.  So, I don’t know if blogging about it all makes too much sense for me.  For now.

So, this Freckled Mamasita has decided to declare a small hiatus from the blogging world.  I’m going to keep the Facebook page up and running and you are welcome to follow me over there.

Try not to miss me too much!  See ya soon!

~The Frecke Faced (Non) Runner


Super Tasty Zucchini Chips!

Currently, at Casa de Freckle Face there hasn’t been a whole lot of running going on.  But, there has been a lot of something else: eating!


My parents came to stay for a week and all the healthy eating went out the window.  The minions were being treated to biscuits and gravy, bacon, eggs, etc.  Throw in the occasional donuts and late night ice cream and my parents left us each with an additional 10 pounds to get rid of.

Personally, I can’t stomach a lot of the stuff I just mentioned.  So, I have to get creative with what I can substitute.

True Story

True Story

So, without further adieu: Super Tasty Zucchini Chips!  Perfect for when your mama leaves homemade salsa & guacamole in your fridge.

You know you want some!

You know you want some!

Step 1: Slice up 2 handsome zucchini very thin.  The thinner the slice, the crunchier the chip.

Step 2: You have 2 options here.  If you are awesome like me, you have a handy dandy olive oil spritzer-sprayer thing.  Spray the cookie sheet and then line the slices from end to end.  Then spray the tops.

If you don’t…

Plan B: Put all the zucchini slices in a Ziploc with a light douse of Olive Oil and shake it up.  Then line those suckers up on the cookie sheet.

Step 3: Decide what kind of mood you are in and season accordingly.  In the picture above I sprinkled the chips with garlic salt and seasoned pepper.  I have also used garlic salt and parmesean, sea salt and red pepper flakes.  The combos are endless.

Just know that you need salt.  Otherwise, why are you making chips?

Once you have something that looks like this…

Cook em up!

Put them in a 400 degree oven and bake them until you get the desired crunchiness.  I like mine a little burnt.  I’m a weirdo, but  we already knew that.  So that takes me about 40ish minutes.

When you are done, you have a tasty, salty, yummo snack without dying of a stomach ache.  Or, at least I do.

Disclaimer: these do not taste like regular chips.  Specifically Doritos.  But, If you have gastrointestinal shenanigans like I do…give this a go.

I ate mine with guacamole and a margarita.  They also go good with hummus.

What are you going to eat yours with?
~The Freckle Faced Runner

Minion Brownies, a.k.a Pumpkin Muffins

I made a batch of these last night for breakfast this morning.  Currently, there is just one left and only because I hid it to pack in my husbands lunch for tonight.

Minion Brownies

Minion Brownies

2 ingredient pumpkin muffins.  My minions refer to them as brownies before inhaling them to oblivion. I prefer them because I am not a big fan of cake or frosting.  Or cooking, for that matter. Never have been.  But, these muffins are sooooo moist and delicious no matter how many I make, they always disappear.

Tasty little suckers!  Are you ready for the recipe?

1-15oz can of Pumpkin puree’

1- entire box of carrot cake mix.

**Do not add eggs, water, butter.  NOTHING.**

Stir it up, well.  Spoon equal amounts into muffin tins without the papers. You should end up with 12.

Lick your fingers.

Bake at 350ish degrees until you can stab one with a spaghetti noodle and have it come out clean ( maybe 15-20 or so minutes). If it’s still moist keep baking till it’s not.

Stuff your pie hole before they are all gone. Unless you are injured and not running, then, please take it easy on the calories and enjoy yourself responsibly.

I’m telling you.  Yum!

212 Calories, 4.1 g fat, 41.6 carbs, 2.6g protein

~The Freckle Faced Runner



Clean Eating Chocolate Chip Banana Cookie (Bars)

Feeling snack-ey?  As always I’m searching for new ways to eat chocolate. I found this recipe on Muscle & Fitness Hers and we decided to give it a go.

My review: If you don’t care for banana, then this is not for you. The cookie bars are very simple to make, even for someone like me, who hates to cook. However, It wasn’t a complete love affair. I am still searching for that special something I can pretend not to overeat.

My Hubbs: licked his fingers.  Maybe he thought Hell froze over because I used the oven or maybe he really likes banana.  The jury is still out.

Clean cookies

The recipe, borrowed and linked from Muscle & Fitness Hers:

Clean Chocolate Chip Cookies (Bars)


  • 3 bananas
  • 1 cup oats
  • 2 tbsp flax seed
  • 1/2 cup coconut flakes
  • 1/2 cup dark chocolate chips


Turn your oven on to 350 degrees.  Mash up the bananas in a big bowl and then dump in and mix the rest of the ingredients. Make sure to really mix it up. Wrap an 8X8 pan with foil and spray that sucker down with something non-stick and healthy (you decide).  Pour the mixture in the pan and smash it flat.  Put it in the oven and try not to burn the house down. The original recipe said to bake for 15 minutes.  Mine needed more like 18ish.  Use your judgment.

(We added a scoop of protein powder which will up the caloric content.  Which is not reflected on the amounts below because that is too much math for a Saturday morning post..)

Makes 12 servings.

Nutrition Facts (per serving):

101 calories, 3.4g fat, 2.3 fiber, 7.8 sugars, 2g protein

banana recipe1

~The Freckle Faced Runner

Dark Chocolate, Cherry, Smoothie.

I’m sore today.  I’m also feeling like a sloth.  Blame it on yesterdays run.  Blame my Sacroiliac Joint dysfunction.  Maybe, last nights attempt at yoga? More likely, it’s due to shark week and the rage virus that comes visiting monthly.  Either way, when I get like this I have to control the crazy or I’ll eat everything in sight.

cherry smoothie

That’s where my favorite Dark Chocolate, Cherry, Smoothie comes in.  It takes the edge off. I promise.  You can blend the chips with the smoothie, or pour them on top, like I do for a sort of “bingo” in the bottom of the cup.

Cherries are good for inflammation.  Protein keeps me full.  And the dark chocolate quenches the crazy. But, most definitely, don’t forget the water.  About a cup or so will do depending on how thick you like it.  Add ice if you want a brain freeze.

While I am not generally a calorie-counting, psycho, I know some of you are.  So, to save you the leg work I plugged it into myfitnesspal for you. It’s 208 calories.

You’re welcome.

~The Freckle Faced Runner